Procrastination at its finest

I can’t stick with a schedule.

I love schedules! I love organization, in fact clutter and operating without direction or a plan just irks me! I love list making, I love crossing things off that list, I love planning, I love goal setting, all of those things! But sticking with a schedule? I fall off the organized people bandwagon time after time.


Does anyone else struggle with this?

By nature, and at heart I’m an organizer; I could create and plan forever. I am so good at helping people create a vision and devise a plan to make their visions a reality.

And right there I think I hit the nail on the head.

Setting goals and making plans is what I’m really good at and what I thoroughly enjoy doing. But then the work of doing actually becomes my clients’ work. Their tasks.

I support them, give them feedback, suggestions and ideas, and accountability, but the actual doing is their stuff.

Meanwhile, I’m left with my own schedule full of things I need to do, should be doing. And I resist, oh how I resist!

The other thing I’m really good at – Procrastination! And definitely with a capital P 😊

I can always find something to do that will interrupt my schedule or put a kibosh on it completely, even something I don’t really enjoy doing, like folding laundry or vacuuming, or running errands.

The weird part now that I think about it – I’m choosing to spend my time on activities I don’t really enjoy instead of on things I do enjoy. The things in my schedule that I should be doing are all things I like doing; I love my business and everything about it!

So. What to do?

There are all sorts of articles on fighting procrastination and believe me, I’ve read plenty! Hell, I even teach overcoming procrastination in my time management workshops!

I can try to implement any of those tips and for awhile they’ll work – and then I’ll slip back into procrastinating.

Am I just a rebel at heart and refuse to be ruled by a schedule? I don’t think so, I love routine.

So, what is it? Why do I balk at following the same directions I give my clients??

What about you? If you’re a Master Procrastinator as I am, what do you do to keep yourself to a schedule?

I would sooooooo love to hear from you!

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