The almighty list

We use lists for pretty much everything. The grocery list. The list of errands. The To-Do list. The various lists used when going on vacation – now that’s a big one, and there would likely be many things forgotten if we didn’t use that one!

Back to school list. Project lists. Honey Do list, aka known as the home repairs list. Christmas shopping list. The list for Santa!

The list of lists is endless. As long as there are things to be done, there will be lists.

My all time favourite time management tool is The List. There’s something about that feeling you get when you can tick an item off or cross it off. A sense of accomplishment.

How many of you have added an item to your list AFTER completing it, and crossing it off just to recognize that it was done? I have! No one is going to see that list other than me, but it’s a positive mental boost and encouragement to see what I’ve done and incentive to keep going.

Now to share something personal. There have been NUMEROUS times that I’ve found a list a long time after I’ve made it, like in months and even years. Did I mention I love lists?? But the cool thing is, when I found those lists, there were two, maybe three things crossed off. So, I did some of the things, then kinda lost the list or moved on to another one. But when I found that list months or years later, the rest of the items were done! Talk about a sense of accomplishment!!

This reminds me of vision boards. And in a way, they’re similar. You make your ideas (tasks on a list in this case) tangible and your mind subconsciously starts to work on them.

What kind of list maker are you? Do you even make lists? Why or why not, I’d love to hear!

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