Feel good quotes

Sitting on my desk is this little calendar, each page is a day with an inspirational quote, saying, or feel-good message, along with some pretty artwork. It’s a Page-A-Day calendar, a stocking stuffer Christmas gift I received last year from one of my beautiful elves.

It got me thinking….how many people use feel-good, or inspirational quotes to improve their mood, help them get back up when life knocks them to the ground, or for motivation?

I’m curious. Do any of you read them? Do you use them? If you use them for any other reason, what are they?

Just recently, I started doing something Continue reading “Feel good quotes”

They said what?

You’re out with a group of your friends and you’re having a really good time. There’s laughter, good conversation and you’re feeling pretty good.

Then the conversation shifts and another of your close friends, who couldn’t make it, becomes the topic of discussion.   But not in a good way. She’s being dissed and ridiculed – she’s lousy at her job, she’s overweight and should be ashamed of how she looks, she always makes the wrong choices in anything, and she sucks at relationships.

She is a really close friend, actually one of your best friends. Continue reading “They said what?”

I’m grateful for….

When we’re caught up in all the things we’re trying to do, all the demands on our time, and all the pulls in different directions, it can be hard to take a moment to realize how blessed our lives are. I’ve been there many times.

Working 50+ hours a week, taking care of a home, being an attentive partner, taking care of the kids and their activities, and trying to help out in other areas, like helping out friends or working in committees…. instead of being in a state of gratitude, all we can think about is how stretched, stressed and exhausted we are. Continue reading “I’m grateful for….”