I’m grateful for….

When we’re caught up in all the things we’re trying to do, all the demands on our time, and all the pulls in different directions, it can be hard to take a moment to realize how blessed our lives are. I’ve been there many times.

Working 50+ hours a week, taking care of a home, being an attentive partner, taking care of the kids and their activities, and trying to help out in other areas, like helping out friends or working in committees…. instead of being in a state of gratitude, all we can think about is how stretched, stressed and exhausted we are.

Now, in this moment, more than ever, we need to stop. Breathe. Just BE. Take this time to think of all the wonderful and awesome things in our lives.








When I’m looking at that sink full of dirty dishes, or the laundry basket heaped to overflowing with dirty clothes, yeah it can be hard to feel grateful. Boy can it be hard!

If we change our thinking about it, it can be done though. Then, instead of feeling drained by yet another chore, there really is a sense of gratitude behind it. Thankful that there are clothes to clean, or that there was a meal to be shared. This last one is something I cherish the most – I love those moments!

It sounds trivial and silly, but it could just change our whole way of thinking, and therefore the way we feel. And if we’re coming from a mental state of gratitude and happiness, not only will we enjoy the things we’re doing, we’ll actually have more energy to do those things.








So, with all this talk of gratitude and positive thinking, I have a challenge for you!

Each day, for the next 3 weeks, write down 3 things you’re grateful for.






That’s it. Easy peasy. Oh, and it can’t be the same thing….so maybe we’ve just upped the challenge just a bit!








If you want to share what you’re grateful for, we would all love to hear! Post in the comments below.

By the way, I’m grateful for all of you <3

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