‘It will be scary. It will be fine’.

Today’s inspiration via my Day-At-A-Time desk calendar. In case you missed the post about my calendar and its quotes, you can read it here.

So many times, I have let fear rule my actions, and my decisions. And no doubt it has changed the course of my life.

Can you relate? Can you recall any times you’ve passed up on an opportunity or avoided a situation because of the fear you felt?

I don’t mean the type of fear you feel when you’re walking alone at night, or you’re in a dangerous situation.

This type of fear is the one you feel when you’re in a situation that’s unfamiliar, outside of your comfort zone. Or there’s an opportunity to step up and play bigger, be more, a chance to grow as a person.

Yeah, that kind of fear!!

It’s moments like these when reading some inspirational words is kind of like a crutch holding me up until I can face that fear and actually see it as a challenge. Knowing that I can indeed face the challenge, grow because of it, and become more of who I am, and who I want to be.

What do you do when you’re in this position? What helps you when you’re facing a decision that will propel you further along your journey but means you have to step way outside of your comfort zone?

Looking back, can you identify opportunities or moments you might have missed out on because the fear held you back?

A number of years ago I decided I was going to not only accept, but embrace any opportunity that presented itself to me. I was going to feel the fear and do it anyway!

I was going to step outside my comfort zone, I was going to risk looking ridiculous (in my mind), and I was going to be okay with letting my fear be visible.

I tried an aikido class and learned I definitely can’t fall and roll the way they do, but it was fun trying. I taught a class in college and loved it! I stood in front of groups to talk about living life authentically and survived. I held a little alligator.

Some of these might not scare you at all, but to me they were big and way outside of my comfort zone.

But you know what? Not only did I survive, but any laughter directed at me was good-natured, I learned a lot, and some things I really enjoyed and looked for more opportunities like those ones.

Is there something in your life now that you’re hesitant to do because the fear of the unknown or the idea of stepping outside of your comfort zone is holding you back?

What are you really risking? Looking silly? Having to try a little harder? Failing?

If it doesn’t put your life or limb in danger, give it a go. Because no matter the outcome, it’s going to stretch you and you’re going to learn, and you’re going to grow. You’ll be better because of it.

Let me know in the comments what you decided and what the outcome was. And what helps you to push past the fear.


photo credit: Alexandra Gorn/Unsplash

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