What does your ideal life look like?

Be honest – can you really picture your ideal life?

Most of us can’t because we haven’t taken the time to know exactly what all of that entails.

It’s a lot easier to know the things we don’t want in our lives, and we are quite verbal about those! But the things we do want, well that’s another thing.

How often have you said something like…

“Work would be so much better if (insert annoying co-worker’s name) didn’t work here.”

“How did he ever get to be the boss here? He’s clueless to what’s really going on! Our job would be so much better if he wasn’t in charge!”

“If my kids just wouldn’t fight so much, the nights would be so much better.”

“If I could just lose 15 pounds, I’d feel better and could do so much more!”

Do these, or any other variation of these statements sound familiar? I know I’ve said them at times, and even now when I’m frustrated and off course, I’ll fall back into that old pattern of thinking.

But you see, we can’t really create the changes in our lives that we want or need, until we know what we’re changing to.

If it’s the type of work we’re doing that’s causing us stress, then it’s time to find a new career path.

If the work is great but not the environment, then perhaps it’s time to try a different company.

If the kids are fighting all the time, it’s probably a good idea to see where all of their anger and frustration is coming from, and what’s causing it. Then address those issues.

If we started doing more for the love of it, what we’re doing, we’d lose those 15 pounds as a result, instead of the purpose. Make sense?

So, with this in mind, I have an assignment for you.

Identify each facet of your life that makes up you. For example:

Spouse / romantic relationship
Career / job
Social / friends
Health / fitness

Your list of facets of your life might look different than mine, and that’s ok! You’re unique and you’re who you are.

Once you have these listed, write a description of how you want each facet to look.

What’s your ideal vision for each one?

And now, as a whole, you have just described your ideal life!

Try this exercise and see how you feel.

When I get off course – as life likes to shake things up – I go back to this exercise and it’s like I’ve rediscovered my map. All I have to do is follow it, step be step. It’s all right there.

It’s calming, it’s simple, it’s easy.

Let me know how it goes for you.


Photo courtesy of Unsplash/rawpixel

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