Do you need a February restart?

February is often the month when people lose their motivation when it comes to making those changes they wanted to make, when the hype of the holidays, the new year and new beginnings, and vacation days in the sunny south (if you live in the freezing cold north like I do!!) seem like a distant memory.

What changes did you want to make?

How are they coming along?

This post is in no way meant to guilt you if you’re not on track with your goals, but rather to let you know that if you’re slipping on them or if they’ve fizzled out, it’s completely normal – and it’s possible to get back on track!

Are you interested in knowing how?

The hype of something new carries us through in the beginning because it’s new. 

Think of when you buy a new pair of jeans or a new top – you wear it A LOT at first!  It’s new, it’s beautiful and it’s a change from what you usually wear.

And then it becomes like everything else in your closet, just another item of clothing.

When kids get a new toy, it’s their favourite!  Because it’s new and different from the other ones they have played with so many times.

It’s normal to feel this way.  When you set that goal at the beginning of the year, or at any time for that matter, it’s normal to get caught up in the newness of it, and that momentum carries you for the first little while.

So now we’re here, a month later and that momentum is fading away.

Now what?

Think back to your ‘why’.  Why did you set that goal, or make that decision?

Let me give you an example.

One of the areas of my life that I want to change is my health.  My family medical history is rife with heart disease, diabetes and cancers. 

I’ve been reading a lot about the ketogenic lifestyle and it’s piqued my interest.  Definitely for the weight loss, but mostly for the health changes.  One book in particular seemed like a good resource (The Keto Diet by Leanne Vogel) and after receiving it for Christmas, January seemed like a good time to start – I had to give away all the Christmas baked goodies first!

I read the book, looked at the meal plans and some of the recipes, and I followed it loosely for the first couple of weeks.  Why loosely?  Because I was going to Cuba for a week and I knew it was going to be a week of very non-Keto foods and lots of Pina coladas. 

Yes, I know it’s possible to stay on track while away, but in reality, I didn’t want to.  I knew I would be straying from the plan and the goal I had set.  And I was okay with that!  Because I knew I’d get back on track.

I used to beat myself up when I slipped.  I would call myself a failure and give up completely on the hopes and goals I had.

But not anymore.  I’m human, I’m going to (and do!) make mistakes, or willingly deviate.  But it doesn’t mean I have to give up completely.  I just start again – this time with more knowledge and insights.

I remembered my ‘why’.  I want to be in great shape, I want to be healthy, and I want to feel really good.

And so here it is, February, and although I willfully slipped, I’m back on track and excited once again about my goal!

What were your goals?

What was your ‘why’?

If you’re struggling with keeping the motivation up, try making a vision board of your goal and see if that helps.

Don’t let any set-backs or slip-ups derail you permanently; learn from them and keep going, or start over if you have to!

Believe in you.  I do.

Featured photo courtesy of Unsplash/Sergei Solo

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