On every social media platform, and in countless articles I’ve read this past week, the topic of communication has popped up.

Communication is huge, and learning how to effectively communicate is a vital skill to learn.

So, how well do you communicate? Would you say you’re a great communicator?

Here are 5 tips to help you be an effective and amazing communicator:

1. To get your point across, know exactly what information you want to relay. Be clear. Don’t mumble jumble your message, and don’t beat around the bush.

2. Speak in a conversational tone, not in an accusatory nor defensive tone. This one is huge! I see this every single day. I’ve witnessed managers who mean well and have important points to share, but communicate in a tone that is accusatory, resulting in their team becoming defensive. I’ve then watched that whole team learn to act in an accusatory/defensive mode with each other. I’ve seen this in spousal relationships, parent/child relationships, and in work relationships. Change your communication tone, and it will literally change the outcome of the conversation!

3. Consciously listen to what’s being said. We often listen to what others say in order to respond, but not to understand. Let me say that again. We listen to respond, not to understand. How many times have you been in a difficult conversation (perhaps with a spouse), and when it’s your turn to speak, you speak only from your perspective? You didn’t really understand their perspective, their take on it. You listened only enough to have a rebuttal. Couple this with the previous point, your tone of voice, and before long, that conversation has become a full out verbal fight. Consciously, mindfully listen to what’s being said. Put your perspective aside for now, to focus on theirs, then take turns. Actively listen to one another, so both of you can be heard.

4. Look at communication as a way to learn, not just a way to relay what you know. Especially when it comes to having difficult conversations. There’s always something to learn from another person’s perspective. Enter the conversation with a curious mind, and it may just change your whole outlook on the matter.

5. Be willing to be vulnerable. Communicating is about opening up. Be honest and be compassionate, with yourself and with others.

You can’t control how other people communicate, but by following the tips above, you will definitely alter how the conversation flows, and you will have a positive impact on the results.

And you may just influence how other people communicate once they see your style.

Communication is the centre of everything in our lives. It can make our lives better, or it can make it a lot worse.

Hone your communication skills and make yours better!

Have any tips to share, or examples of how others’ communication style directly effected an outcome either good or bad? Comment below, we would love to hear!


Feature photo courtesy of Icons8 Team.