About Your Coach

You’re a very busy person who has worked hard to get this far in business. You have a job that people envy; full of flexibility, responsibility, power and all the good stuff people want; but with all of that responsibility comes a lot of pressure. You’ve got a family you would give anything for but they don’t really see much of you and when they do, that time is full of conflict, stress and just strung-out weariness. You’re involved with committees and volunteer work because you want to give back and you think it’s also part of the package – that ‘being successful’ package.

There’s a lot riding on you, and you feel like you’re about to crack.

I’ve met a lot of people like you, and at one time I was like you!

Now I work with busy professionals who want to have the time and energy for the things that really matter! People just like you who despite having it all still feel lost, like something is missing. People who are super busy but want a life that is somehow simpler and more balanced. I help smart, driven and ambitious people discover how to feel whole, happy and excited about life, minus the overwhelm and stress!

The crazy years!

In the early 2000’s, I was working in finance, spinning my wheels and going nowhere, so it felt. Then my marriage ended and I became the sole breadwinner, sole parent, and the mom-taxi (the only taxi). I was serving on a board of directors, taking night courses at our local college and online university courses, trying to further a career I thought I wanted.

After some time, I saw what this was doing to my children. They’d always had a parent available but now it was just us and I was usually too busy when all they really needed was me at home.  Us at home.

Since they were still quite young, when one child had music lessons, we all went. When the other had theatre or dance lessons, we all went there as well. Any of the volunteering events I was involved with, involved them as I didn’t want them left at home.

We were never home anymore. I remember seeing other families doing the same thing; take-out dinners eaten in the car along the way to a meeting or their children’s activities, often meeting up to switch children and activities! It was insane!

It was hurting my children, and for what? I was teaching them that to be successful and have the lifestyle everyone wanted meant being super busy and go, go, go! There were no giggles and laughter anymore; there was just so much stress and frustration. I was burning out, feeling guilty as hell, and exhausted.  This wasn’t the life I wanted for me or for us!

Then I made a discovery!

All the time I was crunching numbers and studying spreadsheets (I still love spreadsheets!), what I loved doing most was working with others in solving their problems. Colleagues who were going through difficult times or who found themselves in a difficult situation, we would brainstorm and work on it together until we found a solution. Friends who were unhappy because they lost their way and were living a life that was not the one they intended to live, we rediscovered the life they did want and made a plan to get them there.

It was at this time, while also not happy with the path I was following myself, I came across the term life coach. Thinking this was something that just might help me, I looked up everything I could about what a life coach does and precisely how they were going to help me. Do you know what surprised me the most? This was exactly what I was doing with my friends and colleagues! I was ‘life coaching’ them! I had been doing this my entire life!

Talk about an ‘A-ha’ moment!

This changed everything!

Maybe the insanity had become the norm and a lifestyle everyone has become accustomed to, but once I decided to end all the craziness, it was like our family life flipped a switch. We were home most evenings, keeping only the activities that were really important. Each child decided on one activity they really wanted to do and I chose to let go of volunteer work until the time was right to serve the group that really mattered the most to me. Then I followed my desire to do the work I felt drawn to; work that fulfilled and nourished me and didn’t drain me.

I forged a new path, doing work that reflected who I was and what felt right to me.

Our home life became something amazing! Not perfect, but amazing.  We have incredible memories and with children who are now young adults, we still enjoy our family time immensely when we are together. We reminisce about their childhood and the family moments we created. I love listening to them share stories of their childhood with their friends. My absolute favourite part? We have deep, deep belly laughs every time we have dinner together. Doubled over in laughter with tears streaming down our faces, laughing until it hurts.

I’m doing work that I love and it fills me with purpose and immense joy. I love my clients! I love watching the light dawn in their eyes as they realize their a-ha moments, and the tears fall (good tears!) as the weight is finally lifted and they become who they are.   They stop trying to live up to the perceived ideal life; they remember what matters most to them.  They’re no longer overwhelmed and stressed out, not knowing if they are coming or going (their words!).  They see their life through their eyes, not anyone else’s. Just theirs. To be a part of their journey is such an incredible privilege!

These are the moments I live for! These are the moments I cherish!

This can be yours!

I want the same for you. To be able to rock it at work, doing the work you love; serving your community in the way that resonates with your soul; and deeply enjoying the people you love most! THIS honestly is what life is all about!

I can help you sort through all the busyness in your life, all the ‘stuff’ that is sucking up your time and making your life super stressed and insane. I can help you simplify your life while still squeezing every ounce out of it, doing all the things that are important to you to create a successful life on your terms!

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I work with smart and ambitious professionals who have it all, yet still feel lost. They feel like something is missing but don’t know what it is. I help them discover how to feel whole, happy and excited about life again minus the stress and overwhelm.