The time for action is now!

It’s time to EXECUTE your plan!

It’s time to stop making excuses and get off your butt and start doing!!

These 3 parts to changing your life (if you missed the first 2, here are clarify & plan) are equally challenging, equally difficult and equally vital. But if you clarified what you want and what your goal is – really and truly clarified it, and you created a realistic, doable step-by-step plan that’s you, then this last part has been made that much easier.

It’s still going to be challenging and difficult in its own way because this is where the action is, but you’ve helped yourself out tremendously by putting in the time and effort, and the work in the first two parts.

Ready to begin?

Look at the first step and determine what you’re going to need, and get it in place. What resources do you need? How much time will you need to complete the first step? What help do you need? What information do you need?

You already identified some potential obstacles, so what do you need to have in place, or what resources will you need to address those? Be prepared.

How will you know when you’ve completed the first step? What result will it bring?

And on that note, imagine how it’s going to feel, how YOU’RE going to feel, when you reach that point!! Don’t lose sight of this!

Do this for each and every step in your plan when you get there.

As you’re working on each step, I want you to actually schedule it in your planner just as you would any other event or commitment. This is important. These steps you’re working on to reach your goal are as important as any other work or event you have going on. As important as any other commitment you have made to anyone else. And you need to treat it as such.

Because this is where I hear so many people say they got stuck, or they had given up when trying to make the changes they knew they needed to make.

It’s hard! It’s hard to stay motivated, it’s hard to stay on track, and it’s hard to keep going when there’s no accountability, no one to answer to other than yourself. When it’s only yourself you’re letting down.

If you’re the type of person who can stay committed on your own, then writing the steps into your planner will give you the structure and the accountability needed to keep going.

But if you’re not and you know that the chances of you sticking with your plan are not high, find yourself an accountability partner.

Maybe it’s someone who is on the same path you are, whether it’s a work-related, or health-related goal, and you can check in with one another on a weekly or biweekly basis.

If that isn’t the case, find someone you can share your goal with and share your plan with, and ask them to be your check-in buddy. If you explain what you’re doing and share what the importance of accomplishing this goal is to you, and how you need them, they’ll be there for you.

Whether it’s someone on a similar journey or just an accountability buddy, you have to know what you need from them, and you have to tell them, clearly and completely.

Do you just need someone you can fire off an email or text to, saying ‘Done!’ for each step, and get a ‘high five’ back? I had a client do this weekly for months after our coaching sessions ended; it was what she needed to keep moving forward and to stay on track.

Do you need tough love and a strong push to keep you going when you feel like giving up?

Do you need collaboration and feedback to keep you moving forward?

Do you need a chance to vent or cry in despair when a particular step is more frustrating or difficult then others?

Maybe it will be a mix of these things. But whatever it is you need, let that person know specifically and without question what you’re going to need.

And don’t be upset when you get it, especially the tough love!

Now you’re ready.

Go do it.

Make things happen!

And create the change you want!



Featured photo courtesy of Unsplash/Nicole Honeywill