That amazing feeling when less is more

Cluttered desk

One of the things I love about going away and staying in a hotel (other than the reason I’m there of course!) is the simplicity in accommodations it provides.

There is no clutter.

There are no half-finished projects.

There is no mountain of work waiting for me to tackle.

There is just a feeling of having only what I need and nothing extra.

I’m free.

From feeling guilty about not getting those projects completed, and temporarily free from the work obligations.

When this happens, I actually feel the freedom from the weight. And it is just that – weight. Mental and emotional weight.

My mind is free to relax. Now there’s a concept. We talk endlessly about learning to relax our bodies and our muscles. But not about relaxing our minds.

Think about a time when you were completely caught up in absolutely everything in your life. Continue reading “That amazing feeling when less is more”

Celebrating the big things and the small things

celebratory cupcake

We’re big on celebrating. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, new jobs, and new homes. Any major occurrence is worth celebrating!

But what about the small things? Do you celebrate those too?

Most of us don’t, and in fact we do the opposite.

We often beat ourselves up for not reaching a goal, or for not obtaining the exact results we were after.

What if instead of viewing it negatively, we looked at the positives in it? Do you think it would make any difference?

Would it change how you feel about yourself? What you think of yourself? Continue reading “Celebrating the big things and the small things”

What’s YOUR big picture?

One of the hardest parts about creating the right life, the best life, is knowing what that even looks like. It’s so easy to know what we don’t want in our lives, or maybe we have a vague idea of what we do want, but knowing exactly what we want is another matter entirely.

For example, we want a job we love, a home that’s beautiful, someone special to share that home with, beautiful children, trips we take each year to exotic locations, and wonderful friends to share fun times with.

It’s the vague answer almost everyone would give. Would you agree?

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with wanting these things – I want them too! Continue reading “What’s YOUR big picture?”

The thief of time – Procrastination

man playing video game

Everyone procrastinates at times, in varying degrees, and with various things. It’s human nature to put some things off, especially when it comes to doing something we don’t like, right?

But I have to admit, I am super envious of the people who do what they need to do, to get the results they want, even though they don’t like what they have to do.

In this case, I’m thinking of the early morning risers who get up and get going – to the gym or for their morning run – to obtain and maintain great health.

If their focus is staying on the outcome, then maybe it makes it easier to get started and to get going.

But here’s another thought. Continue reading “The thief of time – Procrastination”

What to do when dark days arrive – a personal sharing

man curled up in corner

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a struggle, with some days requiring more self-care than others.

I’m prone to depression and sometimes it hits unexpectedly, or like this last time, it creeps up slowly, almost stealthily. It will start off with a day of feeling a bit glum for no real reason, then stretch into a few days, and then suddenly it’s full blown on.

Maybe that’s why this past week my daily posts (Instagram / Facebook) have been all about self-care. Continue reading “What to do when dark days arrive – a personal sharing”