One sure-fire way to simplify an overwhelming issue

overwhelmed man

When you’re dealing with an overwhelming issue, you know how the stress builds and you feel like you have to deal with too many parts all at once, or too many people, and it just seems impossible?

The input from others is coming in non-stop and you have no idea what to do.

There is too much input, and too many choices. To make any decision is bound to cause more stress.

The core issue is lost in all of the drama around it, or at best it’s become distorted.

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Are you making time for what matters?

urgent important matrix

It’s so easy to get caught up in the demands of the moment, and before we know it, our time has been filled with tasks that are urgent but nowhere near all that important, especially to our life goals.

Think about the things that you really want to do, the things that would enrich your life exponentially, but you don’t have the time for.

Dwight D. Eisenhower invented the famous Eisenhower principle, which Steven Covey re-introduced as the Urgent/Important Matrix that most people are now familiar with.

Basically, we spend a great deal of time on urgent tasks, not leaving time for the important tasks. But it’s the important tasks that will help us develop, help us grow, and contribute to our happiness.

If you’re not familiar with this principle and exercise, or maybe you are but haven’t applied it, give it a go now and see if it helps.

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Do your peeps rock?!?

Who do you love hanging out with the most?

I mean outside of your significant other and your kids, if this is your answer 😊 

(I LOVE hanging out with my family too, especially now that my kids have grown and moved out on their own!)

Outside of them, who do you love hanging out with?

What is it about them, that makes you love hanging out with them?

How do they make you feel?

I’m betting that if you love hanging out with them, they make you feel pretty special.  Right?  They make you feel smart, funny, entertaining, attractive, just naturally good!

Are there people in your life who drain you?  A friend you love dearly but you almost dread getting together with them? 

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Do you want more time for what matters?

How often do you wish you had time to do something that you know would help your future self tremendously, but you just don’t have the time nor the energy for it?

Something that would advance your career, or perhaps enable you to change careers.

Something that would help you be in better shape, be stronger, and be healthier.

Something that would nourish your soul, and improve your emotional health.

We all have things we can do, and want to do, to improve these areas.

But we’re busy!  So damn busy all the time!

I hear you!  I struggle with this off and on. 

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Are you happy?

Three little words but such a big question!  And likely not one that can be easily answered with just a yes or a no.

Life is complicated, busy, messy, up and down, and anything but boring.

In one area of life we might be very happy; but in another area not so much!  Or not at all.

But overall, would you say you’re happy?

This past week I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about happiness.  What causes one to go back and forth between being happy and unhappy; can someone be happy in spite of the negative things going on in their world?  But an even bigger question than that – can we choose to be happy?

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