We’re big on celebrating. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, new jobs, and new homes. Any major occurrence is worth celebrating!

But what about the small things? Do you celebrate those too?

Most of us don’t, and in fact we do the opposite.

We often beat ourselves up for not reaching a goal, or for not obtaining the exact results we were after.

What if instead of viewing it negatively, we looked at the positives in it? Do you think it would make any difference?

Would it change how you feel about yourself? What you think of yourself?Although you may not have reached your goal, there was progress along the way.

If your goal was to lose 35 pounds by summer and you lost only 15 pounds, that’s reason to celebrate! Because, only 15 pounds? That’s 15 pounds! That’s 15 more than where you started!

If you’re writing a book and your goal is to write 1,000 words each day, but you’re able to write only about 750 words each day, that’s still progress. That’s 750 words each day that you weren’t writing before. And reason to celebrate, not chastise yourself!

We encourage our friends to keep trying and to celebrate any progress they make.

We praise and encourage our children for every attempt they make, whether they make any progress at all.

Why? Because it nurtures them. It helps develop their desire to keep trying. It motivates them to continue.

And it’s acknowledging their efforts in the first place.

Why wouldn’t we want to do this for ourselves too?

I understand the importance of setting goals, and it’s a vital component of my programs I use with clients, but the goal is giving you something specific to work towards. A destination.

Working towards that goal in a timeframe gives you structure and a way to track progress, which is one way of creating motivation.

If you’re making progress but not reaching your goal in the timeframe you gave yourself, you’re still on your way. And that’s huge!

You lost 15 pounds so you’re on the right track and you know what to do; you’ll lose the remaining 20 pounds and celebrate again!

After 3 months of writing, you may not have a whole book written, but you’re more than halfway there. That’s something! It’s definitely worth celebrating, so give yourself kudos and keep going.

Three months, or six months, it doesn’t matter – you wrote a freaking book!!

I believe that if we give ourselves credit for the steps we accomplish along the way, or the attempts we make but with less-than-perfect results, and celebrate the minor victories, we will strengthen ourselves emotionally and mentally, so that we can continue to strive, succeed, and exceed.

We do this for those we love. We need to love ourselves just as fiercely, and do this for ourselves too.

Continue to celebrate the big things in life, but celebrate all the little things too.

Your life will be much more beautiful when you celebrate all the good that’s in it.

Much love….


Feature photo courtesy of Unsplash/twinsfisch