Clarity. Such a simple word yet most of the time very elusive.

My message has always been very simple.

Clarify. Plan. Execute.

Simple, but complicated.

That first step is to clarify. Know exactly what you want. It sounds so easy but it’s the one step, that first step, that trips us up time after time.

It prevents us from achieving the results we’re after.

Knowing what we don’t want, that comes easily, or at best, we will have little more than a vague idea of what we do want, but it isn’t really clear.

This makes it kind of hard to know what we’re aiming for, right?  It’s difficult to aim for something, work towards something if we don’t know what that something is.  We’re just winging it and hoping for the best.

The weekly challenge I posted this week (Instagram & FB) was to choose one thing to change or improve – just one.

Then get super clear, crystal clear on exactly what the results were to achieve.

I’m posing that challenge to you now.

Choose ONE thing you want to improve or change in your life. Just one.

What is it?

Write it down.

Now describe what the results are you want to achieve.

Write down all the details. Paint a picture in your mind and on paper so that you have the whole thing laid out in front of you. Know every precise detail.

Know exactly what you want.

Then write down why you want this.

Go ahead and do this now. Because next week we’ll do the second step – Plan.


Feature photo courtesy of Unsplash