Something that I love to experience in the month of December is the spreading of goodwill – witnessing it with every person (or most people!) I come into contact with.

Some people who tend to be generally cranky (but are in fact generally disillusioned with life) suddenly seem to take on a new personality and they spread love and joy. Smiles light up their faces, replacing their usual scowls, and they’re cheerful towards others instead of grumpy and short on patience.

Family members forgive petty grievances and embrace once again. And sometimes, big and longstanding hurts are forgiven too, clearing the way for new relationships and new connections.

Strangers who would usually keep to themselves are suddenly friendly and extra helpful, giving a cheerful smile or a helping hand.

People who tend not to be givers, or are focused mainly on themselves, show consideration for others, for this short time.

People are cheery. People are happy.

Christmas has such a magical affect!

When people say they wish it was Christmas year-round, it isn’t the dinners, the parties, and the gifts they are wanting an abundance of. It’s the goodwill.

The love.

The joy.

The peace.

That feeling that we are all one, and all together. That every person is significant, and we’re willing to do our part to help one another out.

I love this most about Christmas – the love we give to others, and the feeling of peace because we feel right in our own worlds.

How I wish for this year-round!

From my world to yours, I wish you a very Merry Christmas, today and all year.

Love, Deborah


Featured photo courtesy of Erin Walker