One of the things I love about going away and staying in a hotel (other than the reason I’m there of course!) is the simplicity in accommodations it provides.

There is no clutter.

There are no half-finished projects.

There is no mountain of work waiting for me to tackle.

There is just a feeling of having only what I need and nothing extra.

I’m free.

From feeling guilty about not getting those projects completed, and temporarily free from the work obligations.

When this happens, I actually feel the freedom from the weight. And it is just that – weight. Mental and emotional weight.

My mind is free to relax. Now there’s a concept. We talk endlessly about learning to relax our bodies and our muscles. But not about relaxing our minds.

Think about a time when you were completely caught up in absolutely everything in your life.

Your work and/or studies.

Your home.

Your chores.

Your projects.

Your tasks.

Your commitments.

It’s very likely, you haven’t felt that in a long, long time!

It seems there is always something left to finish, something to take care of. And I know this is part of life, of being an adult, and of having responsibilities.

But I think many of us tend to accumulate more than we can handle, and definitely more than we need to.

The theme I’ve been running this week is about clutter, or rather decluttering. It’s more than just the ‘stuff’ in our rooms and in our house though.

It’s the clutter in our heads.

The stuff we worry about needlessly. The extra things we’re using our mental energy on when we don’t need to. Making things more complicated than they need to be. Doing more too soon.

My inspiration for this week’s theme was just that, doing more too soon. Using my mental energy on something I didn’t need to at this point, and making it more complicated than necessary.

In the process of having my website redone – more accurately, hiring someone to work on this for me as a techie I am not! – I started coming up with all these things I needed my new website to do, since I was going to have help with it! All the new things I should be adding to it. I was going way beyond what I originally said I needed, and for which I needed the help.

I was getting stressed out about getting everything just right, not just the wording, but the work projects and new services I want to provide in time. For some unknown reason, I was putting pressure on myself to get it all done now.

Once I realized what I was doing, I came back to what I originally wanted. The overwhelm disappeared, and the mental clutter cleared. I have the mental space to focus on just what I need at this time.

What a feeling to have that weight lifted! To realize I just need to think about this next step for now, and the next step later when I get to that step.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, lost in a mountain of demands on your time and attention, try getting rid of some things.

Start with clearing out any unnecessary physical clutter.

That will help to clear out the mental clutter.

And that feeds into clearing out the emotional clutter.

I can’t begin to tell you how amazing that feeling is, of having physical and mental space, physical and mental freedom!


Feature photo courtesy of Unsplash/Robert Bye