What Clients Are Saying

The leap of decision now seems only a step. But to be brought to the edge of decision, that is what Deborah does very, very well. Without fanfare and in a short time I have moved in a satisfying direction to a choice that now seems so obvious.

Her methods are like a safe passage through shadows and lights. Each light question and comment is soft, drawing your attention. Then with surprise, you realize she has walked you past all of the bogeymen that had blocked the way. I am surprised to be on the other side of quandary and indecision, avoidance and fear. I am regaining the fire of intention and hope, and joy of decision and execution. I am only beginning to understand that this is only the beginning. I find myself happy again!”

Brian Ritchie, Ontario Canada


It is hard to put all the new learning in a nutshell, but this process has helped me grow and can help you too…

Empowering you to identify the categories of your life that cause you distress and that you want to work on;

Empowering you to make an action plan to get where you want to be in your life;

Empowering you with tools to clearly see and change your thought pattern, and remove those disruptive beliefs that are standing in the way between you and the life you want;

Empowering you to increase your level of self awareness;

Empowering you to manage your time to accommodate the plan towards the life you want;

Empowering you to build and maintain your vision board to reflect your goals;

Empowering you to see things in perspective, stop feeling overwhelmed, by breaking down the action plan into small tasks that you can tackle in your busy everyday life;

Empowering you to feel good about you; be a better individual, parent and partner.

P.S. Empowering you does not cause dependency, Deborah teaches you how to handle the circumstances and the setbacks by relying on your inner strength.

Luisa Sorrentino, Ontario Canada


When I first started working with Deborah, I felt like I had one long To Do list with one deadline: Now. Deborah showed me how to filter my priorities and better-manage my time, and has supported me to ensure it all works in practice. With her help, I feel like I’m the one in control of my life — not my deadlines and responsibilities. It’s definitely an ongoing commitment to keep things that way, but what a truly empowering feeling!

Amy Sept, Ontario Canada