The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a struggle, with some days requiring more self-care than others.

I’m prone to depression and sometimes it hits unexpectedly, or like this last time, it creeps up slowly, almost stealthily. It will start off with a day of feeling a bit glum for no real reason, then stretch into a few days, and then suddenly it’s full blown on.

Maybe that’s why this past week my daily posts (Instagram / Facebook) have been all about self-care.

I’ve been working like crazy for a while now…on top of my regular work, I’ve been working on developing a self-study version of my 12-week program, and looking into having my website redone to reflect my work better. So, it’s been quite a ride.

Invigorating, inspiring, scary, overwhelming, stressful, and tiring! The good and the bad.

Most of my weekends usually revolve around work because that’s when I have the extra time to devote to new developments and ideas. And I love what I do so it doesn’t usually feel like work.

But after the last couple of weeks spent with the darkness around me, I knew I needed to do something different. It wasn’t that I needed a break from work so much, but rather doing things that would nourish my soul and help slay the dragons of depression.

It has been gorgeous weather this weekend and being outdoors and in the sun helps tremendously, so I definitely felt I needed to be outdoors.

I gave myself permission to take the weekend and ‘recuperate’, without feeling any guilt about it.

I mindfully chose activities and people to recharge and nourish my soul.

A long walk along the water and a wood-fired pizza lunch date with my son and our dogs.

Dinner out with my sweetheart and my step-daughter.

A really good, long overdue coffee date and chat with an old friend.

This is what my mental and emotional health needed.

How can one feel guilty about that?? I don’t anymore.

Whether you struggle with bouts of depression or not, whether you’re dealing with a lot of turmoil in your life or not, whether you’re extremely overwhelmed or not…if your body, mind, or soul is crying out, or quietly whispering for some much-needed care, listen to it.

And give yourself permission to do whatever it requires.

You’re worth it.

Featured photo courtesy of Unsplash/Fernando