One of the hardest parts about creating the right life, the best life, is knowing what that even looks like. It’s so easy to know what we don’t want in our lives, or maybe we have a vague idea of what we do want, but knowing exactly what we want is another matter entirely.

For example, we want a job we love, a home that’s beautiful, someone special to share that home with, beautiful children, trips we take each year to exotic locations, and wonderful friends to share fun times with.

It’s the vague answer almost everyone would give. Would you agree?

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with wanting these things – I want them too!

But it doesn’t actually describe the life you want.

It doesn’t give you something specific to strive for.

It doesn’t give you a clear path.

As Lewis Carroll said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”





If you don’t have a clear picture of the life you want to create, you’ll have a life, it just might not be the one that nourishes you and brings you joy. It may not be the life that you want.

If you don’t have a clear picture of the type of relationship you want, you may very well find yourself in one, but one that leaves you wanting more.

If you have no idea of what type of work you want to do, you’ll get a job but it won’t be the one you’re excited to get up and do most days.

You’ll have a life but it may leave you feeling like it’s mediocre, with lack of real happiness, no feeling of contentment, and no deep satisfaction.

Does this make sense? Can you see how important it is to know exactly what it is you do want?

It is so important that you know exactly what you want.

Now I don’t mean that you should describe your dream home right down to the number of closets and the square feet of space in each room.

But you should know whether you want to live in the country or in town. In a small town or a city.

Do you want yards, or none at all? Do you want a condo or a house? Town house or single unit?

Maybe it’s a hobby farm.

A house on a tree-lined street? A home on a quiet back road with neighbours far and few?

Room for a garden, or no grass at all?

A neighbourhood that acts as its own community, or people who stay to themselves?

Maybe a brick house? Stone perhaps? Or low maintenance siding?

A small house that’s relatively easy maintenance, or a larger place perfect for entertaining and parties?

Maybe a place with an in-law suite.

Lots of windows and an abundance of natural light, or few windows and mainly facing south?

A garage or no garage? A pool or no pool?

A minimalist house and style, or lots of character and an abundance of trim?

This is what I mean by knowing exactly what you want.

When you know exactly what you want, what you’re looking for, you can easily weed out anything that isn’t a fit for you. It’s easier to find what you do want. Exactly what you want.

Here’s another aspect to knowing exactly what you want.

You won’t waste time on the things which won’t bring you closer to your goals.

When you have a clear picture of your whole life, everything you do will be contributing to that big picture.

The people you choose to hang out with will fit in that big picture, and help propel you in that direction.

The things you do and the choices you make will also naturally contribute to the big picture of your life.

“You’ve got to think about the big things while you’re doing the small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction.” ~ Alvin Toffler.

But first you have to know what the big things are.

What the big picture is.

What your big picture is.

If you’re struggling with determining your big picture, this is exactly what my Whole Life Vision program was created to do.

Want to know more? Simply send me a message, and we can hop on the phone or on Skype for a quick chat (no charge!), and see if Whole Life Vision is right for you.

Feature photo courtesy of Unsplash/Svyatoslav Romanov