Work With Me

You feel…

stressed out and overwhelmed, or worse yet, you feel disillusioned and uninspired, like you’re stuck in a life that just sort of happened. The days and months keep going by and you’re busy as hell, often burning the candle at both ends, yet there’s no satisfaction and no real happiness with your life.

You feel like you’re just going through the motions of living.

At the end of the day when you finally drag yourself off to bed, you feel like you’re awfully close to a complete breakdown. Your mind is running non-stop thinking about all the things your life could be, if only you knew how to figure it out, or even where to start.

There’s no excitement and no passion for life. It’s just one day after another, one year after another. The days and years are blending together and you have no idea how that happened.

What if you could turn things around?

These are the best years of your life! These are the years you want to look back on and feel blessed that you got to live this life. You want these years to count. You want to have a life that’s beautiful and filled with amazing memories for you and your family. You want to feel something! Like the life you have is full of meaning, full of memorable moments, and wonderful experiences.

What if you could make your life feel more exciting, more like how you envisioned it to be when you were just starting out on your own?

Remember all those dreams you had?

A career that you love and that makes you feel like you’re making a real difference.
A family you come home to and create amazing memories with.
That life-work balance thing – you rock it!
You’re in the best shape you’ve ever been in.
You have beautiful relationships with your spouse and your kids.
You have a solid home base, and a wonderful circle of friends.
Now at the end of the day when you happily climb into bed, you feel like you’ve been blessed with an amazing day and the life you have – and you can’t wait for tomorrow to do it all again!

I can help you make that happen!

I work with people who feel disillusioned, uninspired, and stressed out with their lives; I help them create a whole new vision, a new plan for their lives, one that’s meaningful and fulfilling, and a true reflection of who they are.

My clients come to me feeling:
• lost • disillusioned • uninspired • disconnected • like they’re going through the motions of living • like the best years of their lives are slipping away•

I help them create a whole new vision of their lives so that:
• they are living with purpose • their lives have meaning • their lives are fulfilling • their lives truly reflect them • every part of their life is balanced • they’re happy • they’re content!•

In a nutshell, my clients learn how to live their best lives, with purpose, mindfully, and in their way. They are in control of their happiness and of their lives. They are their best selves.

If you’re tired…

…of feeling like you’re going through the motions of living and you want to trade that life in for a life full of:

• Purpose • Meaning • Joy • Contentment• Happiness

then this program is just for you, to create the change you need in your life.

There are many parts that combined, create this change. The biggest one is learning what’s truly important to you, focusing on those, and letting the other things go. It’s learning to listen to you. Listening to your soul. And not listening to what the outside voices (other people, media, etc.) tell you is important, and tell you what your life should be like.

I can help you!

I work with super-busy and stressed-out individuals just like you, who feel like they have it all (on the outside anyway), yet it isn’t working.  There’s too much busyness going on and not enough quality time to really enjoy the things and the people who matter most.  There’s this going-through-the-motions of life without really living; no joy, no real happiness, no feelings of serenity and peace within.

I can help you eliminate what isn’t working and find the answers to loving your life. Creating your best life. Creating your best self.

While working with some pretty amazing people over the last ten years, helping them create lives that truly reflected them, and who they are, I created a 12 week program to guide you through the process.

We start with an assessment of you and your life as it is now, then clarify exactly what it is you want (instead of focusing on what you don’t want!), we then create a plan that is doable, fun, and you, then execute that plan!

Easy, right??

It sounds easy enough! But what I’ve found is that people easily know what they don’t want in their lives – and can quickly tell me! – but knowing exactly what they do want, isn’t an easy answer.

We can easily identify what we don’t want. It’s something we presently have and would like to eliminate it. We have first hand knowledge and experience to draw on.

But knowing exactly what we do want, it usually takes quite a bit of exploring to figure that one out.

Once we do, creating a doable, realistic plan that also stretches us, takes some work. It’s easy to create big lofty plans, but following through seldom happens, if the plans are not doable, realistic, and something we will enjoy doing.

We have to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. I whole-heartedly believe this.

The hardest part though, in all of this, is the execution.

Making it happen.

Seeing it through.

Achieving our goals

This is the nitty gritty. This is the hard work.

And this is the part that’s going to make all the difference to your life.

To you.

Ready to begin?

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Not sure you’re ready to dive in completely with creating your Whole Life Vision? Then start here, with this 1 Step in creating your best life.


Whether you want to keep the ball rolling with what you started in 1 Step, or you prefer to dive right in all the way with creating your whole life vision, this program will do just what it says – create your WHOLE life vision!


You’re a self-starter, determined to make some changes, and can hold yourself accountable! I like that. And I admire you!

You just need a program that works.

You’re more than capable of doing the work on your own, you just want an easy to understand, step-by-step process to follow, something that takes out the guesswork and doesn’t leave you questioning what’s next. I’ve got just that for you!